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Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Ningbo





Cixi Chima Metal Products Co., Ltd. has two major production bases in Ningbo and Guizhou Southwest Guizhou. It is a single key manufacturing enterprise in Ningbo and one of the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Ningbo. It has advanced production equipment such as aluminum strip casting, annealing, cold rolling, cleaning, slitting, stamping and so on. Due to the unique production process and strict quality control, the 1050, 1060, 3003 and 8011 series aluminum strip produced by the company are in the leading position in the industry in terms of ductility, tensile resistance, grain size and other main properties, and has formed an annual production capacity of 250000 tons of aluminum strip, it is currently the production basis of the largest cast-rolling deep-drawing drawn aluminum wafers in China. The products have become high-quality substrate suppliers for cookware, home appliances, and new energy vehicle companies such as Midea, Aishida, Kodali, BYD, etc. Some products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, the Middle East and other countries and regions...

25 ,0000 Ton

Aluminum wafer production capacity in the forefront of the country

10 ,0000 ㎡

Source factory production base

40 %

Using aluminum to replace copper and other quality to reduce cost by 40%

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Ningbo, Zhejiang: East-West Industrial Collaboration Hatches "Golden Phoenix"

Just after the Spring Festival, in the heavy Industrial Park in Xingren Baling Town, Guizhou, as one of the industrial cooperation projects in the Yangtze River Delta region and the western region, a new production line built by a group in Ningbo has attracted much attention. "This production line will produce a new product called'copper-aluminum eutectic plat', which will be independently developed by our team for more than two years." Xu Yinchang, the person in charge of the enterprise, introduced.


Incubate "golden phoenix" in Guizhou and leverage the annual output value of 25 billion yuan! Cixi this enterprise frequently "face" the major media

The Yangtze River Delta industry and the western resources complement each other, Ningbo enterprises "Shenma" Guizhou hatched "Golden Phoenix"......


High-tech support "double recovery" into a "fast horse"

"With intelligence and automation as the foundation, we have solved the problem of' employee shortage' on the premise of strictly preventing and controlling risks. The 1 billion yuan target of doubling the output value this year will remain unchanged." Cixi Chima Metal Products Co., Ltd. Chairman Xu Yinchang said confidently.